pwandrews2Paul Andrews wrote his first novel in graduate school on an electric typewriter. It thankfully never saw the light of day, but lit a passion in his soul for writing that would last to this day. Historical Fiction quickly became his favourite genre – selecting a pivotal event in History, researching the hell of out it, then weaving in his own characters’ and adventures.   One can either learn from History, or choose to ignore it.  Paul is a firm believer in the former.

While his heart lies with Historical Thrillers & Mysteries, he has dabbled in Sci-Fi, Horror and even a little Romance!  After many drafts, The Man Who Would Not Die was his first published novel, but he has 3 other novels ready to explore.  The authors he gleaned his craft  from include the likes of the Ken Follett, the great James Michener, and Stephen King, an eclectic bunch to be sure.

Paul was raised in the mountains of rural Pennsylvania, the grandson of immigrant coal  miners. After working in the hustle & bustle of Manhattan and Washington D.C, he met the love of his life.  Together they migrated south to warmer climes and a slower pace of life.  He now works, lives and writes in beautiful North Carolina.  When not working, wanderlust takes hold and they take to their motorhome on adventures across the country.


Paul’s contemporary short story, Twinkle, was a Runner-up in the Scribes Valley Publishing Writing Contest, published in the 2015 anthology “Escape Your World.”

Paul’s coming of age short story Not So Distant Cousins was a Finalist in The Writers Workshop Short Fiction Contest and is currently available for Free on WattPad.


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  • North Carolina Writers Network
  • Historical Fiction Society
  • Toastmasters International

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