Actor Cast in Role of Le Comte de St. Germain in Outlander

Dashing French actor Stanley Weber has been cast in the role of Count Saint-Germain in Outlander season 2 on the Starz network.  Though portrayed as an unscrupulous villain in the Diane Gabaldon novel Dragonfly in Amber, I’m still thrilled to see the main character of my own novel The Man Who Would Not Die represented on the screen.

This will mark the fourth time the Count has appeared on Television.  The first is in the documentary TV series In Search Of hosted by the late great Leonard Nimoy.  Then in the 2013 SciFi channel’s series Warehouse 13 where he was portrayed by James Marsters as an immortal living in disguise in the present day.  Most recently he has been in the 2013 German movie Rubinot (Ruby Red), a young adult time travel fantasy, as what else, a time traveler.

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