10 Theories about the Never-Aging Count Saint-Germain

saint germain sepia framedSo who was le Comte de Saint-Germain, this never-aging man of mystery who left us so few clues behind?  How could he hobnob around Europe throughout the 18th century and never appear to grow old?  He looked the same in London in 1745 as he did in St. Peterburg in 1762 as he did Paris in 1789!  Was he a simple charlatan, a skilled alchemist, or perhaps … something more?  The answer lies in which source you trust.  He used a French title but was admittedly not French, and never revealed his true identity.  To confuse matters more, the Count employed other names during the 18th century to remain incognito.  This should not cast undo suspicion upon him.  Many aristocrats traveled under an alias to avoid unwanted attention, whether to hide affairs of the state or the heart.

So let’s review the 10 best CSG theories … both Wild and Weird:

  1. Some believe him to be Cartaphilus – the legendary Wandering Jew, who mocked Jesus on the way to the crucifixion on Good Friday, and was doomed to walk the earth till the end of days …
  2. Others think he was no less than King Arthur’s Merlin the Magician, still dabbling in magic and alchemy, only this time for French King Louis XV rather than an English monarch.
  3. Still others guess he was alchemist and alleged immortal Nicolas Flamel, 13th century scribe, made famous in the J. K. Rowling book and Warner Brothers movie Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.
  4. Or if you prefer, all the above!  The reincarnation of all the above mystics in succession, including Sir Francis Bacon; retaining the secrets and knowledge of each of his previous lives.
  5. Maybe he’s an immortal ‘Ascended Master,’ born in the days of the Egyptian pharaohs and now existing on in another psychic plane.  A belief shared today by Theosophists, the I AM Activity, Summit Lighthouse, and Church Universal and Triumphant .
  6. How about the last survivor of Plato’s Atlantis, gifted by the Gods on Olympus with immortality and saved from the disaster in order to retain the knowledge, science and culture of their fallen empire.
  7. Perhaps he is a Fallen Angel or Watcher, a la the Book of Enoch, cursed from Heaven – – not to Hell – – but Earth … doomed to wander the planet until the end of time.
  8. A Time Traveler from the distant future, which could explain his prodigious knowledge of historical events.  Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels and the Starz program of the same name used him as a protagonist in book/season 2.
  9. For you Sci Fi fans, an Alien from a distant galaxy?  Who with his non-human longevity observes the earth over the centuries, and occasionally helping the hapless human race through wars, missteps and mishaps.
  10. Or (not surprisingly) a handsome, immortal Vampyre, cursed to live forever, taking beautiful lovers in each continent and century.  The Chelsea Quinn Yabro novels exploit this idea quite skillfully over a dozen books.
  11. BONUS: Lastly, was he simply a mortal man, the last son of Hungarian Freedom Fighter Prince Ferenc Rakoczi, with a lucky youthful appearance that happened to last decades?   Before the advent of Botox no less.

Modern science has mapped the human genome and begun to unravel the genetic secrets of aging.  We now understand why the ends of our chromosomes degrade over time and our cells loose their vitality with each replication.  Our skin sags, muscles grow weaker, bones more fragile. We are certainly no less obsessed with staying young than Marie Antoinette was over 200 years ago.  Perhaps the Count had a simple gene alteration (my personal theory) that somehow increased his longevity?

Whatever the case, scientific or fantastical, the Count of St. Germain remains to this day a curious and puzzling enigma, always worth investigating further.

Want to know more about Count Saint-Germain?  Of course you do, so Click here

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